Privacy Products

Privacy as a product is a growing category of offerings, and they will continue to grow in this coming decade.

Companies like Brave, DuckDuckGo, Quant, OneSearch, Signal, Telegram, and hundreds like them have 10M+ users each. While Privacy is key, it is critical that the business is able to measure/analyze the product, and the product usage without ever compromising user privacy.

There is a built-in notion that privacy means no analysis; this is normally true for enterprises and companies that collect data in the cloud to be analyzed. With the increase in abilities at the device edge, however, the notion is no longer true.


Healthcare and HIPAA are synonymous but as users utilize multiple service providers and the concept of Mental and Tracing Apps come into play, it is very hard for all of users’ data to be in a single place.

From Personal Applications like Ginger, Calm, to Enterprise applications like LyraHealth to Tracing Apps from PwC, Apple, Google, etc. it would be hard for a single provider to carry all of the data. But a Patient’s cross provider history is critical and only Personal to the user, it is hard to be able to understand the full medical history without compromising ever changing Compliance and Privacy laws.


Financial Technology companies are heralding a new breed of changes. A lot of new generation Financial Technology companies are offering a slew of privacy products from decentralized Identity to attestations and attracting a significant amount of fraud vectors.

With Blotout, a lot of product implementation, analysis, fraud, and analysis can still be implemented on the edge while ensuring BI and answers are available via dashboard but never have to keep user information on the server. Also, with Financial Technology like Trading and decisions becoming impulse oriented, Blotout provides significant lead in Edge Automation and AI to ensure users are retained and converted without having to make server round trips.

1st Party

Most non advertising enterprises, more than 7M of us have needs where the power of the first party – my user, my application, my consumers data – needs to come into play.

Some enterprises are zero trust, some need registration, and some others need ID checks – to cover the full range of necessary but low friction use cases, Blotout has built the next generation analytics, and messaging application that is fully automated.

Digital Compliance

Digital Compliance across the globe now is changing faster than ever before. Just GDPR, and CCPA has changed the landscape with CPRA, LGPD, India Privacy Law, etc. coming now faster.

In the past two years, we have seen new digital compliance laws than ever existed before and laws are changing faster than ever; sort of a Mohr’s law of Privacy. It has become cumbersome to constantly adjust to required changes in the industry.