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Serverless analytics and marketing attribution for the privacy era

Your third-party analytics and marketing tools are bleeding data. Blotout gives you the turnkey infrastructure and solutions to solve this.

Trusted by privacy-first organizations

Fix your measurements, enhance your metrics, and exceed your privacy obligations at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself

A table illustrating how Blotout can benefit teams by being simpler, faster and significantly cost-effective than buidling your own expensive infrastructure or using third-party services plagued with problems like data loss. It also illustrates how Blotout offers everything from CDP, ELT + reverse El and data modeling to BI, privacy compliance and data governance
For Marketers

Accurately measure and optimize conversions in the post-cookie era

Capture your data in-house to accurately measure the value of every dollar you spend across the lifetimes of your campaigns.

Capture every missing user and event

Measure true campaign ROI and ROAS

Attribute conversions across channels and devices

A diagram illustrating how Blotout can benefit marketers by letting them capture 100% of their website visitors compared to only 30-50% when using third-party services like Facebook, Google Analytics and Segment
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For Product Managers

Map the entire customer journey

Customer journeys go beyond your site and app. Finally see journeys with every service ticket, package return, and all your other interactions in one place.

Optimize your customer funnels

Segment behaviors and personas without code

Personalize content and products with feature flags

A diagram illustrating how Blotout can benefit product managers by letting them see the complete customer journey by letting them track not just their websites and apps but interactions beyond them like service tickets and package return status
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For Engineers

A complete privacy data engineering stack as infrastructure

Data engineering is expensive. Engineers aren’t privacy lawyers. Solve for both with our no-code customer data infrastructure stack built for privacy.

A diagram illustrating how the Blotout infrastructure can be deployed under two hours and that it comprises of only three steps - configuration, deployment and scaling

Deploy as your infrastructure

Save millions in engineering time and effort

Rely on built in-privacy solutions

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Privacy woven into the fabric of your data infrastructure

Consent management, audit logs, and governance from the moment of ingestion for compliance with global privacy laws.

Data processing in your infrastructure as ControllerA check mark

Integrated consent for subject identityA check mark

Observable and auditable infraA check mark

Governed and secure data managementA check mark

Purpose-limited data sharingA check mark


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