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We are a group of individuals that came together with the mindset that privacy has an important place in our future, our children’s future.
Meet our team
We are engineers, designers, operators, sales, and web/app developers who believe privacy is a fundamental right and must always be protected. Now over a year in development, we can proudly showcase how our technology can co-exist with the data needs of any business or enterprise, while ensuring privacy by design and global compliance.
Our vision for Blotout
It was a huge win for web consumers when Apple took up the cause of protecting user privacy. Since 2017, the company has steadily improved the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) feature in WebKit, the engine that powers the Safari browser across its devices and operating systems. Other browsers, like Firefox and Brave, have extensive tracking prevention and an astonishing 55% of users globally use ad blockers that take this sort of prevention even further. Reading the times, the team responsible for Chromium — the core of Google’s Chrome browser, which has 65% market share — has itself committed to eliminating third-party (3P) cookies by 2021.
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