The Blotout team

We are a group of individuals that came together with the mindset that privacy has an important place in our future, our children’s future. We are entirely self-funded, everyone works remotely, and we only hire by referral. We are engineers, designers, operators, sales, and web/app developers who believe privacy is a fundamental right and must always be protected. Now over a year in development, we can proudly showcase how our technology can co-exist with the data needs of any business or enterprise, while ensuring privacy by design and global compliance.

Our vision for Blotout

Our goal is to rebuild the stack from the bottom up. Today we’re starting with the essential analytics that drive an app based business forward. Tomorrow we focus on advanced ML Edge and Federation thinking that focus on client-based learning models.

We hope to soon prove to the developer community that privacy by design can not only compete with current privacy breaching technologies, but rather surpass them with improved efficiencies and capabilities.

Our goal at Blotout is to show that edge based computing can save humanity but also solve a critical set of issues at the edge, faster than any cloud prediction service can; at scale!