Blotout EdgeTag is a true 1P infrastructure that enables 1P email reclaim and assetizing your entire Klaviyo subscribed userbase across all devices.

Blotout partners with 3P audience companies and isolates 3P data using a custom event to any growth channel, not just email.

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Reclaim Vs. Blotout EdgeTag
Server Side
Retention uses Klaviyo SDK to write events; there is no server side integration
It is unclear how data is managed with Retention.com considering use of browser side technologies
Blotout works as effectively globally as the US
Value Driven
For the limited feature set, and results, Retention would be 10x more expensive than Blotout
Event Isolation from Native SDK
No clear separation between native SDK calls and Retention calls; one error can cause Compliance issues
ID Assetization (Klaviyo)
Rebuild profile for existing users and re-populate to every channel
Ad Blocking Prevention
Klaviyo SDk is blocked, so is Retention
Meta, TikTok, Snachat, Google
Retention does not support Meta or any other ad channels for C-API enablement
Google Analytics 4
Retention does not support segmentation on GA4
Cloud Warehousing
Retention can't feed profiles back to your warehouse
1P Audience Retargeting
Retention can't enable segment activation on to Meta
WhiteGlove Service
Blotout is always whiteglove, all the time!
Retention 3P vs Blotout Partner Audience Ecosystem
Partner Ecosystem
None; data sources and their consent remain hidden unlike Blotout partner system
Data Provider Choices
Multiple providers of data with 1P check validation (how good are your match rates?)
Data Isolation (Compliance)
Not isolating 3P data in your activation stack is eventually going to cause compliance issues
Custom Event Support (Klaviyo)
Isolate 3P vs 1P events
Custom Event (Meta)
Create custom 3P events in Meta via Blotout Partners without storing data in-house
Custom Event (Google Analytics)
Create 3P audiences directly on GA4 via partner network and Blotout Activation sync
Custom Warehousing (3P)
Create a DB Warehouse for 3P data via Blotout in isolation
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