Restore your marketing signals
 in the post-cookie world

Restore performance marketing like its 2019 across channels while staying compliant to global laws

Trusted by more than 500 brands and agencies

Cookies are going extinct

Your returning customers are showing up as anonymous. Blotout solves this with one line of code.

Without Blotout
With Blotout

Velocity is remarketing on steroids

Never lose conversions due to 7-day cookie limits again. Capture lost sales by simulating their visits on Meta.

Without Velocity
With Velocity

Always accurate. Never blocked.

Blotout’s lifetime ID recognizes your new and returning customers with 100% accuracy.

Boost marketing and ad performance
Privacy changes are weakening C-API signals. Blotout rebuilds your signals around a lifetime ID so you can remarket every site visit in real-time.
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EdgeTag + Cloud
Build your first-party customer database
Lifetime analytics and multi-touch attribution for every step of the customer journey. Seamlessly segment across online and offline customer profiles.
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20%higher ROAS on Meta
3xmore conversions on Klaviyo
30%higher ROAS on Google
EdgeTag has delivered immediate results for a number of our clients, resulting in increases in event match scores and - most importantly - real impact on CPCs, CTRs, and advertising ROI. The team is responsive and technically savvy and we’re excited to be a partner as the ecosystem inextricably moves towards a cookieless future.
Tim Keen
Co-Founder & CEO at Loop

A trusted relationship is a compliant relationship

A trusted data relationship with your customers builds loyalty and maintains compliance with the GDPR and global privacy laws.