Building the future with Cloudflare Workers

December 06, 2021

Building the future with Cloudflare Workers

We’re very pleased to announce that we are building the future with Cloudflare Workers.

Cloudflare’s serverless capabilities open new possibilities for privacy-respecting solutions by letting you run workers at the CDN edge and responding to requests on a geographic basis. This is especially important as third-party cookies go away and consent requirements make it harder for advertisers to get returns on their ad spend.

Our first product built with Cloudflare Workers—Blotout EdgeTag—leverages these capabilities to let you send data to the Facebook Conversion API directly from your domain. It requires only two minutes to set up and increases leads by ~30%. This is a huge win for customers who have struggled to enable pixels after changes to iOS and Firefox.

EdgeTag was built using our patent-pending technology that transforms and replicates data at the CDN edge. It is a set of microservices that use Cloudflare Workers to enable marketing signals. EdgeTag deploys with a single click from the Cloudflare App Store. Shortly after our Facebook launch, we will support a Google Conversion API microservice.

Eventually, EdgeTag will replace your need for Google Tag Manager and move your stack to the network edge, enabling consented data sharing with audits and complete data lifecycle management.

Welcome to the future of customer data: safer (Blotout never accesses your customer data), cost efficient, and—critically—running under your control in your infrastructure/domain.