Frances Valentine

Frances Valentines drives double digit growth on multiple channels using Blotout

Frances Valentine
Amplifying ROAS and EMQ Scores
Signal strength and performance metrics improved significantly across ROAS, revenue, and purchases, and EMQ scores immediately rose for key events such as Add to Cart, Page View, and View Content.
Capturing Missed Opportunities
SMS subscriber base, email list, and revenue grew significantly. The delta between Blotout and Klayvio powered segments also grew, indicating Blotout captured users that would have otherwise been lost.
Driving Conversions and Revenue
Increased growth in SMS subscribers, email collection, and revenue. This was due to improved signals, which provided more data to the pixel and captured more quality conversions at lower costs.
Frances Valentine
Working with the Blotout team has been a top-tier experience, and they helped us every step of the way. Almost immediately after installation, we started to reap the benefits of the app, which helped us increase revenue through Klaviyo, Attentive, and Meta. Definitely a game changer!
Frances Valentine
Florencia Gilardoni
Director of Marketing, Frances Valentine
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