How Lux increased conversion event visibility by 167%

March 24, 2021

About Lux Foundation Solutions:

LUX Foundation Solutions specializes in engineering and structural in the residential and commercial building markets. They use a sophisticated marketing mix of SEO and lead generation campaigns across a variety of channels in order to increase brand awareness and drive top of funnel activity. They have traditionally relied on Google Analytics to assess their site engagement and conversion metrics, with conversions consisting of leads converting to phone calls and email exchanges with its sales organization.

The Challenge:

Despite consistent campaign spend and increased efforts on content and partnerships to drive organic discovery, LUX seemed to be experiencing a year-over-year decrease in site traffic and engagement for the first couple months of 2021. Further complicating the picture, sales were up during the same period, suggesting that top-of-funnel engagement was uncorrelated with conversions. LUX suspected that site traffic and engagement were being missed by Google Analytics and that therefore their attribution results were also inaccurate.


The Hypothesis:

The LUX marketing team suspected that the increased adoption of ad blockers and browser rules preventing the use of 3rd party cookies might be hindering Google Analytics’ visibility into site visits and engagement.


LUX aimed to test this hypothesis with privacy-centric analytics and attribution tracking available from Blotout.

The Blotout Solution:

Blotout is a privacy-first customer data lake that captures site and engagement data in-house - as 1st party solution not blocked by browsers. This provides complete customer journey visibility and attribution results.


Side-by-Side Results – Google Analytics vs Blotout:

7-day view with Google Analytics: image

7-day view with Blotout: image

In early March, LUX implemented Blotout to run side-by-side with Google Analytics and quickly uncovered surprising results. In the first week of operation, Blotout identified a large amount of traffic that was simply invisible to Google Analytics - surfacing the following incremental results:

+51% site traffic visibility

+167% conversion events captured

Next Steps:

Data Lake Enhancement with Blotout ETL:

LUX will begin using Blotout’s seamless Extract, Transform and Load ( ETL) process to bring in its partner data for every touch point (comprising several dozen services). This will automate formation of a complete company picture in the LUX data lake, enabling extremely accurate event funnels that measure conversion impact from every source.

Campaign Management:

Enabled with clear visibility on all site traffic and drivers of conversion events, LUX will begin better optimizing campaign spend and organic traffic efforts to those channels that are disproportionally impacting the bottom line.


Finally, Lux will use machine learning to further enhance the customer experience at every touch point. They will spend less time with manual processes and eliminate systems that are redundant from the unification of data. This will allow them to spend more time on new products and services to move their business forward.


LUX Foundation Solutions has a bright future with an enhanced path forward for sustainable growth. They now have a fully deployed in-house data lake, a reliable infrastructure upon which to invest in valuable automation efforts. With the Blotout team's ongoing support and no code deployment, LUX looks forward to taking advantage of Blotout’s growing suite of turn-key services in the quarters to come.

Privacy First Company

LUX is also proud to be able to publicly state that they are a privacy-first company that protects its customers’ data with professional in-house infrastructure. Their customer data is now being properly governed, audited and consent maintained at all times. A critical step with the passing of VCDPA in their home state of Virginia.

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