True Classic

True Classic generates 18% incremental Klaviyo revenue using Blotout within 60 days

True Classic
True Classic
Their Objective
More sales from emails
True Classic, a leading premium men’s apparel brand, aimed to improve customer data accuracy and increase ROI on their Klaviyo marketing flows.
The Solution
Blotout EdgeTag
Blotout was implemented, equipping True Classic with a user ID that’s never blocked and lasts a lifetime, accurately identifying customers across all channels and devices.
True Classic
The Results
Audience + Revenue Increase
True Classic was able to capture and identify customers that Klaviyo had missed due to cookie loss. This resulted in significant increases in both the size of their audiences and the revenue earned from Klaviyo flows. Over a period of 9 weeks, Blotout-identified events accounted for 8.8% of their Viewed product events, 24% of their Added to Cart events, and 10% of their Checkout events.
True Classic
Our Klaviyo flows were already highly optimized, yet Blotout still managed to deliver remarkable results. They helped us capture returning customers that Klaviyo missed due to cookie limitations, unlocking bigger audiences, expanded campaign windows, and more revenue. Don’t sleep on Blotout.
True Classic
Ben Yahalom
President, True Classic
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