True Classic

True Classic attains 30% incremental EMQ scores driving 15% ROAS using Blotout

True Classic
True Classic
Their Objective
Enhance data accuracy & ROI
True Classic, a leading premium men’s apparel brand, aimed to improve customer data accuracy and increase ROI on their Klaviyo marketing flows.
The Solution
Blotout EdgeTag
Blotout was implemented, equipping True Classic with a user ID that’s never blocked and lasts a lifetime, accurately identifying customers across all channels and devices.
True Classic
The Results
Audience + Revenue Increase

EMQ scores increased, resulting in more successful conversions at lower costs. Hash match rates rose for:

Page View from 12.2% to 31.1%

View Content from 9.3% to 27.4%

Add to Cart from 22% to 45.3%

In addition, attributed conversions increased for:

View Content by 15.8%

Add to Cart by 15.2%

Purchase by 9.8%

These improvements are directly attributed to Blotout's enhanced data accuracy and Conversions API quality.

True Classic
Blotout is a game-changer. Not only did it increase our re-marketing audiences by 30%, but it also lifted our ROAS by 15%. Thanks to Blotout, our already scaled-up trajectory received an impressive boost, helping us achieve even greater success in our marketing efforts.
True Classic
Ben Yahalom
President, True Classic
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